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12 x 10"  oil, graphite on foam board  2010

Artist statement, practice: principles of elements - 


Painting, sculpture and work on paper are my confidants in expressing and exploring. In a modest studio, quiet and familiar their activation has a momentum that is exhilarating for me to be a part of.


I am and have always been fascinated by the nature of convergences; the phenomena of the resulting effect of three or more things occurring or arriving at the same place at the same time. How such incidences express and define our world, me and my work. Often so suddenly sneaking up on us until snared


In the Spring of 2022, I began using foil leaf as an additional ingredient to both my sculpture and painting that continues today, but not so fervently.


Recently I've been taking stock of my work: photographing, organizing and storing. In the process I have been finding work, some pieces, that don't seem to be resolved that I am re-addressing. This is consistent with my fundamental principle of elements and convergences; a new state of mind and old work, a collision, some necessity, and a new result. 


My studio fundamentally consists of three stations: a painting easel wall, a table in which works on paperwork are developed and a designated shop area to build sculpture.


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