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larry graeber

Formal Proof; Sterling Allen and Larry Graeber, Project Room Blue Star Contemporary oct 2019 - jan 2020

Sail 10 x 6 1_2 x 3_ wood, paint, foil leaf 2022

Green Head  12 x 12"  oil on canvas 2018

Artist Statement:   

I see my work as a way to mine a world view and personal perspective.

Intrigued with approximations, convergences, and with some skill I find myself at the mercy of my medium, thoughts, and the time at hand. 


Practice Statement: principles of elements - painting, sculpture, work on paper; 

 My studio fundamentally consist of three stations, a painting easel wall, a table in which works on paperwork are developed and a designated shop area to build sculpture. 

I like to think of my practice as direct and consistent with the medium being employed, so that resulting work is as much about itself as anything it might allude to. 

With no predictable trajectory some work will become debris and likely resource material for other pieces. So a day may begin by revisiting unfinished work or beginning a new piece, an engagement that always has potential to result in a piece that is coherent and intuitively subjective.


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