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12 x 10"  oil, graphite on foam board  2010

Artist statement, practice: principles of elements - 

Painting, sculpture and work on paper are my present confidants in expressing and exploring. In a modest studio, quiet and familiar their activation has a momentum, that is exhilarating for me to be a part of.

In the Spring of 2022, while working on a sculpture and looking for a medium to apply to it besides paint, using foil leaf occurred to me. Having used silver and gold leaf on frames some years ago, and occasionally applying chocolate foil wrappers as a collage ingredient in some of my works on paper, it seemed worth trying. To my surprise, the foil leaf comes in multiple colors and has an extraordinary fidelity and odd luminosity for the surface in which it covers. The metallic essence and color suggests a new orientation with nature, one stressed and out of sorts, brittle.

Today, I am using it in both my painting and sculpture.

My studio fundamentally consists of three stations: a painting easel wall, a table in which works on paperwork are developed and a designated shop area to build sculpture.


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