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Monitor      28 x 24 x .75"       oil/canvas         2024          $3000

July Summer
Following the summer solstice July comes on as a time to slow down and dream.

Because I work from my imagination, I am always looking for information to inform it.

South Jetty    26 x 23 x .75"      oil/canvas      2024

Hen     17 x 14 x 3.5"
foil leaf, paint, wood

Blue Blue 11 x 7 x 5" wood, paint 2024

exhibitions 2d,  Marfa, TX.
400 S. Highland text 432.207.0011

As I understand it in the gallery they are situated on an east west axis one to the another. 

Yellow Yellow 11 x 7.5 x 2.5" wood, paint 2024

Silver Balance 22 x 17 x 14" foil leaf, paint on wood 2023 

Due South              
Texas Sculpture Group           
San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum
San Benito, Texas until July 26, 2024

Support  20 x 16 x 7"  foil leaf, paint, wood 2023

Water's Edge -

Rockport Center for the Arts 
McKelvey Charitable Fund Gallery

paintings, sculpture and works on paper                               

15 paintings, 5 sculpture, 4 works on paper


April 10 - May 26, 2024  

638 E. Market St., Rockport, TX 78382    

48 x 38 x 1.5"
foil leaf, oil, metal tape, graphite, foam board

39 x 52 x 1.5"

Larry Graeber’s new exhibition, Water’s Edge, is awash with the in-betwixts and in-betweens on a multitude of levels. The show examines the area that exists between the shore and the water. This work is inspired and infused by childhood visits with his grandfather at the shore and a lifetime of thinking about these spaces and places. The joining between the land and the water can exist in salt, fresh, still or moving bodies of water. It can signify a day at the beach or the transmordial moment that our ancestors started to creep out of the water. It is a transitional and meditative space. It forces an individual to consider not only its physical nature but an emotional, intellectual and psychic moment because this place does not just mean a physicality – it signifies a moment in time and movement. Therefore, we look at Graeber’s work in this show as an examination of place and time and all that can be considered during that actual or imagined journey. The paintings and collages in the show explore this theme and are filled with the transmutation of matter and time. Even the materials in the work for the show often seem simple - some of the actual elements can seem quite ordinary. This can be seen in a sapphiric gem of a painting, Blue Lake, which seems at first to be an entirely abstract oil on canvas but in actuality depicts water and sky and shore in a small inlet. This movement between abstraction and realism is another example of the space in between that we see in these paintings. Juxtaposed to that, viewing Red Island, a collage composed of foil leaf and metal tape and paint on foam board is just as effective an examination of this theme but seemingly almost diagrammatic in composition. These two works on first viewing seem to be so disparate that one could question why they are in the same group - yet again, the artist is dealing with the edge of things and where different types of matter meet. So, the show is made stronger by their inclusion. This can also be seen in the two oil paintings, Bay and Blue Dream. Each a siren’s song to a balanced co-existence of the real world versus the imagined. Included in the exhibit are a number of paintings featuring the human form. In Retreat, Boatman and Bather there are abstracted individuals in these spaces caught between the water and land. Even though there are activities taking place, the individuals’ actions no matter their relative sizes never truly dominate the landscape and seascape. Retreat features two humans at the beach caught up in their own drama while the landscape around them is colorful and beautiful. Their large dominant forms are almost an imposition in the sand – effectively communicating this otherness of interaction and time. Conversely, the person in the Boatman is abstraction in human form. S/he is pushing a small dingy off the shore or pulling the boat onto the beach. The moment in time is suspended as s/he is completely caught up in concentration in the action being performed – yet completely familiar and understood in this snapshot. Despite being featureless in both paintings, the combination of the staging with the activities of the figures effectively communicates the composition and feel of each painting. Bather is a close up of the head of an abstracted person caught in this moment in time. The yellow hair and pale face of the figure is set against a veritable continuum of sky and water. There is a small spit of land that shows in the background. The bather is caught looking and thinking in an idyllic space. The style and placement of these figurations communicates and captures this sensibility of the edge. As the artist states: My work has and continues to be about convergences, subtle and consequential. The use of time both as actually captured and as inferred are important in these paintings. In Crossing and Industry there is a strong sense of the passage of time by the subject matter, title and the sense of the edge depicted. The Crossing is a homage to Thomas Cole and his Voyage of Life paintings. A small figure moves across the picture plane where the shoreline of a lake and a landscape are depicted. The figure travels through time and life in the painting which is a beautiful riot of markers, color and space. The sense of a passage feels strong here and helps one understand that the trek is the same as a life journey. The convergences of sky, water and a person feel similar to being on the verge and the beginning of a transition. Industry tells a different kind of story. Where one is spring and full of color and promise, Industry speaks to humidity and the changes wrought by human presence in a simmering landscape. With grays and subtle blues, whites and darker pastel colors, this painting shows an enormous sky, a thread of land with industrial buildings and the water meeting the two. The conglomerates of forms and colors create a different feel imbued with an inherent warning about a fragile environment. Yet, there is still the sense of beauty in the sky and the water which are bigger and more dominant than the human presence as indicated by the gray buildings. Water’s Edge is an examination of the space between the water and the land on many levels. Irrespective of media, time, composition and color, Larry Graeber is able to use this examination to infer and explore the beauty of the moment, human frailty and nature on vibrant canvases. The work transcends the moment and the place and calls to the viewer to enjoy the view, the Edge and life. Ellen Nettles Art Now Management April 2024

Ellen Nettles

Art Now Management

April 2024

Eclipse - April 8, 2024

This painting came out of nowhere deliberate. However, a subject I have been interested in since a boy. As a boy, it was illustrated as a primitive encounter, today science, but very much both.

Eclipse     47 x 38 x 1.2“     oil, foil leaf, foam board, wood     2024    $4000

Roy    16 x 20 x 1_edited.jpg

Roy    20 x 24 x 1.25"       oil / canvas   
Lead painting of PowerPoint presentation -  Art Eindhoven, Netherland art fair, February, 2024

Material Evolution:
Juried by Lana Meador, assistant curator of modern and contemporary art at San Antonio Museum of Art. This exhibition includes artworks from over twenty Texas Sculpture Group members and highlights an array of traditional and modern techniques in sculpture.
Gallery 2000 - The Art Galleries, Austin Community College
6101 Highland Campus Dr.
Austin, TX 78752
January 16 through  March 7, 2024
Gallery hours 10 to 5 Tuesday through Thursday

Settlement    20 x 8 x 12"    foil leaf, paint on wood     2023

January Notes

Red Shower      22 x 18.5 x 1" 
oil, oil stick, foil leaf, foam board, wood    2023

Crossing   36 x 45"   oil/canvas    2023
A bit fanciful, the little man in the lower foreground meeting a light, and then darkening landscape, sheltered by a big sky.
Expect this painting to be in my upcoming Rockport Center for the Arts show Water's Edge,  April / May of this year.

23.5 x 32.5 x 1"
foil leaf, oil, metal tape, foam board

December Fog

More images of these works can be forwarded on request.

Falcon      18 x 7 x 4".  foil leaf, paint, wood, steel      2023     

Silver Course        18 x 14 x 7"     foil leaf, paint, screws, wood        2023

18 x 24 x 1.3"   oil/canvas.  2023

November Studio Wall
four paintings:
three portraits
and an amalgam

view video

Blue and Yellow Figure 
34 x 28 x 1.25" oil/canvas 2023 

24.75 x 25 x 1.3"    oil/canvas    2023

30 x 24 x 1.3"   oil/canvas   2023  

Larry Graeber - Foil Leaf
examples from the studio

Hiding   25 x 25 x 1"   foil leaf, oil, stick, metal tape, foam board    2023     $2500
Here the foil leaf is on top of an oil stick crosshatching that floats over a geometric pattern, over a light blue oil wash that covers the metal tape and foam board.

Inquiries welcome

All Saints Day   38 x 46 x 1.5"    foil leaf, paint, felt tip, metal tape, foam board    2023    $4800
In this case foil leaf articulates several subjects over a background of a swirling enamel wash on top of metal tape, and foam board.

Drift    18 x 21 x 1"      foil leaf, graphite, metal tape, paint, foam board, wood,      2023    $3000
This example illustrates a method of cutting pieces of the foam board out, foil leafing them and reinstalling. There's also graphite and paint on the surface here generating a sense of subject and  motion.

33rd Annual Red Dot  
Exhibit and Sale - Contemporary SA

October 6 – January 8

Forest Green   25 x 25 x 1.75"   oil, foil leaf, foam board, wood   2022

examples of work going on in the studio

Point    32 x 48 x 1"  
oil, foil leaf, metal tape, foam board, wood   2023

Red Island   24.5 x 32.5 x 1"
foil leaf, metal tape, paint, foam board 2023

Bouffant 15 x 13 x 11"
foil leaf, wood, paint 2019 - 23  

Making these pieces with an upcoming  Rockport Arts Center show in mind, coming in April and May 2024

Made in Marfa   -  October 6 and 7

Fri. 10am to 8 pm, Sat. 11am to 4 pm   (house & studio)

1508 Fremont, Marfa, Texas


 12 x 12 x 2"          $1000
foil leaf, felt tip, metal tape
on foam board     2023

West Texas studio

painting / sculpture

Sept. 2023
new blurb book:
Reflected Light

Blue and Yellow Figure  34 x 28 x 1.25" oil/canvas 2023  $3500

Reflected Light                          
paintings, sculpture, works on paper

This blurb book illustrates recent exhibit at Flight Gallery.  It is viewable via link. Can be a good way to see the show if you didn't have a chance to get by.

Reflected Light                          
paintings, sculpture, works on paper

Flight Gallery                           Blue Star Arts Complex                          August 3 through Sunday, August 27

Marfa paintings

38 x 46"    foil leaf, oil stick, paint, grease pencil,
metal tape, foam board    2023     $4000  

Often the term reflected light refers to the objective nature of a returned glare. Here I am conveying two qualities of this expression. Yes, the notion of a returned reflected light as though bouncing off water or some shiny surface. Secondly the reaction of the perceived gaze; the art experience of standing in front of a work and employing an intuitive inquiry, expecting something in return.

Orange Dance  
26 x 20"   charcoal, pastel
, graphite  2019   $700

12 x 12 x 2"    foil leaf, felt tip, metal tape
on foam board   2023     $1000

Silver Balance
22 x 17 x 14"     foil leaf, paint on wood      2023   

Koi  Oct. study #6 
26 x 20" 
oil stick, charcoal, pastel,
grease pencil, collage


foam board paintings, 
recent sculpture

Magical Realism Studio

Lone Star District

107 Lone Star Blvd.   107 - B.      
San Antonio
June 10 
6  to  9:30 pm

20 x 7 x 9"
wood, paint, foil, leaf 

20 x 7 x 9"
wood, paint, foil, leaf  


Stir  22" x 1.25"  
tape, paint, graphite, foil leaf,
oil stick on foam board  

2nd Novel Art Book Fair -
Contemporary at Blue Star
      May 5, 2023

Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio

Artist books; monographs, zines, and other printed ephemera

Sharon and I are showing: 
Orange Bird; my paintings, vignettes by Sharon and myself 
handmade books – collage and drawings
blurb books of various subjects; exhibits, paintings, sculpture

Many of these books are available for purchase.


handmade book cover


International Sculpture Day


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Open studio 1 - 4


127 East Wildwood, SA


This is a fun project: open the studio and house for people to view works I've been making.


Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG.JPG

Cabinet Oak Project:  an auction, to raise money for the restoration of the Texas White House, and the creation of an artist in residence program at the LBJ National Historic Park.
To support this project you can bid on my piece through the month of April, see following address.

Wading       19 x 12 x 10"   Live Oak      2022-23

Never have I carved any wood as hard as this Live Oak.

One of 50 selected by Katie Robinson Curator of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum Austin.

Online Galleries (sales)

Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG
Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG.JPG

Contemporary Art Month / San Antonio

my piece at Fl!ght Gallery 21st Annual  Group Show
at Blue Star Arts Complex,
  March 2023
Club     24 x 7 x 11"   foil leaf, paint, wood    2023
Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG

Pop-up exhibit at the Blue Star Arts Complex:

paintings, sculpture and two works on paper 2023

This exhibit illustrates examples of paintings, sculpture and recent foam board pieces, work that began in early spring 2022.

Trunk    23 x 13 x 3"    foil leaf, paint, wood    2023

 I knew exactly how I wanted to make this piece when I saw the log I retrieved it from.
After removing the bark and exposing the ravage made by woodworms, I simply made a vertical chainsaw slice, foil leafed it and mounted it to a blue block. Its exposure and gnarly branch buds seem to reference an ecological dilemma.

Capsule    24 x 21 x 1.5"     felt tip, paint, tape, foil leaf on foam board     2022     $1800                    
Contained in a red border, this rugged composition of a rectangle and spheres appear to be circulating around a vertical rose pole. Their suspended buoyancy and apparent motion makes their gold environment appear fluid, suggesting illusionary depth.                                                                                   Inquiries - contact me at

image of a painting
image of painting
image of painting

Wheel   24 x 24 x .75"  

foamboard, tape, paint, metal leaf, oil stick 
Referencing and re-referencing a center motivated the approach to this piece. The vortex forms the new center as a reference over the concentric rings. The vortex achieves its highlight by its multi colors, concluding at the bead head of the push pin.


4 x 3 x 2'        

cream limestone


Following school I did a series of large scale sculpture, this is one of those pieces. I have recently moved it to the front yard where it looks super.  However, it needs a permanent home, maybe you know of such a place.

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