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Pop-up exhibit at the Blue Star Arts Complex:

paintings, sculpture and two works on paper 2023

This exhibit illustrates examples of paintings, sculpture and recent foam board pieces, work that began in early spring 2022.

Trunk    23 x 13 x 3"    foil leaf, paint, wood    2023

 I knew exactly how I wanted to make this piece when I saw the log I retrieved it from.
After removing the bark and exposing the ravage made by woodworms, I simply made a vertical chainsaw slice, foil leafed it and mounted it to a blue block. Its exposure and gnarly branch buds seem to reference an ecological dilemma.

Capsule        24 x 21 x 1.5"     felt tip, paint, tape, foil leaf on foam board                   2022  
Contained in a red border, this rugged composition of a rectangle and spheres appear to be circulating around a vertical rose pole. Their suspended buoyancy and apparent motion, makes their gold environment appear fluid, suggesting illusionary depth.                                                                                   Inquiries contact me at

image of a painting
image of painting
image of painting

Wheel   24 x 24 x .75"  

foamboard, tape, paint, metal leaf, oil stick 

Referencing and re-referencing a center motivated the approach to this piece. The vortex forms the new center as a reference over the concentric rings. The vortex achieves its highlight by its multi colors, concluding at the bead head of the push pin.


4 x 3 x 2'        

cream limestone


Following school I did a series of large scale sculpture, this is one of those pieces. I have recently moved it to the front yard where it looks super.  However it needs a permanent home, maybe you know of such a place.

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