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foam board paintings, 
recent sculpture

Magical Realism Studio

Lone Star District

107 Lone Star Blvd.   107 - B.      
San Antonio
June 10 
6  to  9:30 pm

20 x 7 x 9"
wood, paint, foil, leaf 

20 x 7 x 9"
wood, paint, foil, leaf  

Stir  22" x 1.25"  
tape, paint, graphite, foil leaf,
oil stick on foam board  

Untitled Green      15 x 12 x 9"        paint, foil leaf on wood          2023           $3000

This piece has a decidedly subjective appearance. The multiple vantage points present multiple possibilities.   charred, painted, foil leafed, Sycamore

2nd Novel Art Book Fair -
Contemporary at Blue Star
      May 5, 2023

Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio

Artist books; monographs, zines, and other printed ephemera

Sharon and I are showing: 
Orange Bird; my paintings, vignettes by Sharon and myself 
handmade books – collage and drawings
blurb books of various subjects; exhibits, paintings, sculpture

Many of these books are available for purchase.


Orange Bird

handmade books

handmade book cover

blurb book covers


International Sculpture Day


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Open studio 1 - 4


127 East Wildwood, SA


This is a fun project: open the studio and house for people to view works I've been making.


Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG.JPG

Cabinet Oak Project:  an auction, to raise money for the restoration of the Texas White House, and the creation of an artist in residence program at the LBJ National Historic Park.
To support this project you can bid on my piece through the month of April, see following address.

Wading       19 x 12 x 10"   Live Oak      2022-23

Never have I carved any wood as hard as this Live Oak.

One of 50 selected by Katie Robinson Curator of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum Austin.

Online Galleries (sales)

Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG
Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG.JPG

Contemporary Art Month / San Antonio

my piece at Fl!ght Gallery 21st Annual  Group Show
at Blue Star Arts Complex,
  March 2023
Club     24 x 7 x 11"   foil leaf, paint, wood    2023
Club 24 x 7 x 11_ wood, screws, foil leaf  2022.JPG

Pop-up exhibit at the Blue Star Arts Complex:

paintings, sculpture and two works on paper 2023

This exhibit illustrates examples of paintings, sculpture and recent foam board pieces, work that began in early spring 2022.

Trunk    23 x 13 x 3"    foil leaf, paint, wood    2023

 I knew exactly how I wanted to make this piece when I saw the log I retrieved it from.
After removing the bark and exposing the ravage made by woodworms, I simply made a vertical chainsaw slice, foil leafed it and mounted it to a blue block. Its exposure and gnarly branch buds seem to reference an ecological dilemma.

Capsule    24 x 21 x 1.5"     felt tip, paint, tape, foil leaf on foam board     2022     $1800                    
Contained in a red border, this rugged composition of a rectangle and spheres appear to be circulating around a vertical rose pole. Their suspended buoyancy and apparent motion makes their gold environment appear fluid, suggesting illusionary depth.                                                                                   Inquiries - contact me at

image of a painting
image of painting
image of painting

Wheel   24 x 24 x .75"  

foamboard, tape, paint, metal leaf, oil stick 
Referencing and re-referencing a center motivated the approach to this piece. The vortex forms the new center as a reference over the concentric rings. The vortex achieves its highlight by its multi colors, concluding at the bead head of the push pin.


4 x 3 x 2'        

cream limestone


Following school I did a series of large scale sculpture, this is one of those pieces. I have recently moved it to the front yard where it looks super.  However, it needs a permanent home, maybe you know of such a place.

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