larry graeber

Formal Proof; Sterling Allen and Larry Graeber, Project Room Blue Star Contemporary oct 2019 - jan 2020


Green Head  12 x 12"  oil on canvas 2018

Artist Statement: In 2019 my artist statement was a quote from Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities and my remark, “Precarious fragility seems to be the new state of existence. Until now our exploits and consumption have seemed to be an entitlement, but our terrestrial existence is now talking back.” 

Today however, though much of that still seems true, the word SCRAMBLE comes to mind; an awkward, disorganized random agenda seems to be our state of existence, making for an almost unintelligible experience. 

Practice Statement: principles of elements - painting, sculpture and work on paper;

After many years of practice I trust a degree of empathy and understanding have found lodging in me. I no longer have any pervasive agendas so feel free to address any subject I like. And without an agenda a more patient approach has occurred in the manner in which I work.

The nature of a convergence; the experience of three or more things occurring or arriving at the same place at the same time remains the cornerstone of perception for me. Because convergences usually occur subtly and so often unnoticed the consequential phenomena is seldom perceived. Attention to these incidences can help describe and open one up to so much.

In my studio the experience is similar, though mostly routine, the objective is to be engaged and eager to prevail. So, alert and present, surrounded by past work and some goals, I may merely add to the “debris”, but the engagement has potential.  An unfinished drawing, painting or sculpture may get finished, a new idea may occur. All in benefit of my hope to make coherent artifacts, intuitively accessible and subjectively understood.