larry graeber

Formal Proof; Sterling Allen and Larry Graeber, Project Room Blue Star Contemporary oct 2019 - jan 2020

Reef  40 x 30 x .75"  oil / canvas. 2021.jpeg

Green Head  12 x 12"  oil on canvas 2018

Artist Statement:   

Trusting in the convergence. 

The worst of times, the best of times; a pandemic, war and uncertainty govern much, but does not quench desire, inquiry and the celebration of life.


Practice Statement: principles of elements - painting, sculpture, work on paper; 

After many years of practice I trust a degree of skill and understanding are inherent in me, conveyed and perceived in my paintings, sculpture and works on paper.

Intrigued with approximations and the experience of convergences I find myself at the mercy of my medium, my thoughts and the time at hand. Unfinished work can be revisited and new work can be started. In a given day I may only add to my debris but the engagement has potential and often emerges to fulfill my hope of an intuitive, subjective, coherent product.

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